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When it comes to bathroom renovation, a sound question comes up: "How much will it cost?" With AVM Contracting you have nothing to worry about. Leading the market of bathroom renovation, our company offers competitive, affordable prices.

The cost of renovating a bathroom depends on several factors:

size of your bathroom;
complexity of plumbing installation;
complexity of bathroom cabinet installation.

AVM Contracting offers high-quality services and provides a long-lasting warranty on its works. Naturally, the cost of renovation might not be the lowest on the market, but it is really affordable, considering the quality of works and comparing to other companies which try to save on quality. The cost of our bathroom renovation services is proven by the excellent results and high standards of our renovation works.

At the same time, AVM Contracting offers permanent discounts to make your cooperation with us even more enjoyable and rewarding. Our experts will also make sure that your bathroom renovation project fits your budget.

If you want to find out the exact cost of renovating your bathroom, please contact us right now and we will provide you with a free estimate.